Revolutionize the client experience, expand your customer reach and optimize your service.

iFiACCESS insurance solutions span the value chain, from marketing and policy issuance to claims payout. The mobile platform is created collaboratively with our clients to be well integrated with the mobile channel objectives. Our comprehensive offering provides enhanced customer experience, employee productivity and an opportunity for brand differentiation.

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iFiACCESS’ pre-built; enterprise-class mobile app platform provides real, tangible value to your business:

Grow revenue and reduce costs
Transform paper-based and legacy functions to digital
Enhance customer experience
Extend business services to mobile devices
Attract and retain new customers who need more self-service options
Increase agent and policyholder satisfaction


Instant quotation and policy purchase
Alerts and notifications
Contact us, about us, privacy and disclosures
Interactions and payments
Customization and personalization
Policy life cycle management
Claims management
Marketing and messaging
Customer service & customer satisfaction surveys
Multi-language / Multi-currency
Full customer / member registration module


Interactions and payments
Manage your policy
Marketing and messaging
Claims management
Alerts and notifications
Location-based services
Instant quotation and policy purchase
Take photos of your belongings
Inventory documentation and imagery


Improve customer engagement & loyalty

  • New investment account openings increased by 15%
  • rn
  • $8 average per account overall balance benefit

Drive top-line growth

  • 18% increase in adoption of Wealth management services
  • rn
  • 12% increase in value of transaction (Banking / Wealth)
  • rn
  • $12 average revenue lift from increased transactions

Improve cost savings

  • 25% decrease in IVR call volumes
  • rn
  • 35% decrease in live agent call volumes
  • rn
  • Process optimization and automation to reduce internal staff costs.

Extend your services

  • Access a new market of brokerage partners and customers
  • rn
  • 8% Increase synergies between financial services