Leverage our integrated mobile architecture; Create a powerful and cost-effective mobile channel.

iFiACCESS’ integrated mobile architecture enables Banking, Brokerage, Wealth Management, eWallet, Payment, Insurance & PFM functions to thrive together in an integrated financial ecosystem to offer real value to your customers. The platform offers ready-made features, interfaces, and service provider extensions that create a powerful, cost-effective mobile channel. Financial institutions also have the option to innovate on top of our platform without the high costs and resources involved in developing a fully custom solution.

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Configurable modularity
Ready to run
Exploits enterprise architectures
Enables full control of transactions
Eases Integration
Supports bank-level security

Integrated Ecosystem

    Banking, insurance, brokerage, fund management, eWallet, Payment, PFM & foreign exchange, advisory and other financial services on a single mobile platform.

Simple & Engaging

    Secure and relevant customer interactions yet intuitive, cool, fluid and personalized.

Multi-channel, Multi-device

    Make customer interactions fully digital over the most effective combination of channels and devices. (iOS, Android, Blackberry, & Windows)

Versatile Configurability

    Easily customize, inject and embed engines, modules and widgets into your own digital banking projects, solutions and apps.

Innovative Social Banking Applications

Innovative social banking applications represent the intersection of mobile banking and social media, with features such as mobile check deposit and social media integration that can be customized for a specific customer or member segment.

Application Management System

A centralized application management system controls the vast majority of the features and functions within the platform and is managed centrally via an admin portal. Changes can be made across platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, & Windows).

Real-Time Reporting

Powerful, real-time analytics and reporting tools allow you to stay in constant, instantaneous contact with the mobile channel. Mobile channel analytics are available via an internet-based admin portal or a mobile application.

Mobile Marketing Solution

The mobile banking solution incorporates everything you need for a successful mobile launch, including marketing, support, cross-sell and customer satisfaction surveys.

Rapid Deployment

The iFiACCESS platform can be configured for each bank or credit union and rapidly published for customers or members. Changes require minimal effort and new features can be turned on and off centrally.

Pre-Integrated with Core Systems

The iFiACCESS platform comes pre-integrated with a bank or credit union’s core processing systems, bill-pay vendors and other supporting technology partners (such as remote deposit capture), allowing for easy and seamless implementation.


Security is important to mobile users. That’s why iFiACCESS’ solutions include multi-factor authentication, device timeout and the flexibility to support the unique standards of each institution with no data stored on the device.


iFiACCESS complies with the most stringent industry requirements including SAS 70 standard
(Currently: SOC 2/AT101).


Drive unparalleled satisfaction by connecting customers to their finances through mobile in the most intuitive, innovative and seamless approach. A key differentiator for iFiACCESS is our method for accessing the Client Information File (CIF) / Core Banking System data. Direct interfaces to major core banking software providers and third party processers (bill-pay, transfers, etc.) create advantages that equate to a better customer experience and faster implementation.

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